OG204 Plastic Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge IV
OG204 Plastic Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge IV
Price: $ 495.00 up to $ 570.00
OG204 Tooke Paint Inspection Gage IV
This less expensive gage is identical to the OG202, but made of molded polycarbonate plastic.
Precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement of single or multiple coats on any substrate.
The Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge (Plastic) is a precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement (in accordance with ASTM D4138 of single or multiple coats on any substrate, and for microscopic observation and measurement of substrate and film defects. The Tooke Gauge uses an illuminated 50-power microscope equipped with a universal scope with a measuring reticle that accommodates measurement in mils, microns, and millimeters. (Note: Each universal microscope is validated before sale against a certified gage block traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).) This gauge mounts tungsten carbide cutting tips for precise incision of the work surface. Standard cutting tips are 1, 2, and 10. Also, a gauge can be ordered with three. Direct measurement of total coating thickness and thickness of individual coats of paint is a unique capability of the Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge. Thus, in addition to routine use, it often serves as a referee instrument to calibrate indirect or non-destructive thickness measuring instruments. Other uses include assessment of substrate conditions and coating adhesion, and observation of microscopic cracking, tendency for brittleness, cratering, or other microscopic film symptoms. The gauge body is a injection-molded high-impact polycarbonate plastic. It contains the microscope and lamp batteries and the groove-cutting tungsten-carbide cutting tips mounted on the narrow side. Two adjustable threaded guide studs project from the body on the same side as the cutting tips. The tripod thus formed by the three legs (guide studs and cutting tip) provides precise alignment of the tool with the surface to be grooved. A lanyard with keeper looped through the body secures the instrument to the inspectors wrist. The entire unit is designed for convenience and completeness in field inspection tasks.

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